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The Obsession

She had had enough.  Soccer was his passion.  He lived and breathed soccer.  Everywhere she looked there was something to remind her of his obsession with the sport.  The walls in his study were adorned with photos of him with soccer players and other fans.  And who could miss the framed Maradona shirt?

The World Cup was on now which meant that they hardly went anywhere and when they did, it was to a sports bar where he could watch a match.  During the week, after dinner he rushed to the basement to watch matches he missed. On the weekends, he invited his friends over for beer, take out and they huddled in the basement creating a ruckus as they cheered their respective teams on.  She went out into the backyard to get away from the noise.  Sometimes, she went to a friend's house or shopping just to get away.

Yesterday was their wedding anniversary and he’d forgotten.So, she was leaving him.

The note was on the table next to his still hot dinner.He glanced at his watch.The match wa…

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